About Us

GTech Medical Equipment and Supplies is one of the leading providers of quality and innovative equipment and solutions within the Laboratory, Medical and Process sectors in the region. Through its core business units, GTech caters to the laboratory and medical equipment needs of diverse sectors such as water and waste water, industrial and manufacturing, education, healthcare, food and beverages, biotechnology and energy.

Additionally, a fourth core department focused on service and support, allows GTech to distinguish itself in the mind of its customers. From installation to after-sales support, our service team is always at hand to meet any customer needs and solve any problems that may arise.


Our Strength

Our strength lies in our wealth of experience and strong relationships with reputable international and local suppliers. Our team, with more than a decade of experience, is well-versed in understanding customer needs, and sourcing and supplying high-quality solutions that are economical, while still being aligned with the requirements. Through our sourcing team, we have also established strong relationships with international and local suppliers including market leaders such as Thermo Fisher Scientific, J.P.Selecta, Kern, Witeg, Euromex, Cruma and Filtratech.